Do you go to hell for laughing at this?



Yep! See you there!!!

Nope, but you do for posting it.

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He could stack them and use both hands at once 

Right to hell.

But you laugh on the way.

Haaa. I laughed



to hell i go!

Yes. But you'll be in good company.

for TJMitch

You should all be ashamed at yourselves 

Guess I’ll find out. 


In before deletion?


See you there! Save a seat for me!

Why would anyone laugh at a legitimate question that I didn't know I had until clicked this thread?

The sizzle is good

Now I didn't laugh or find it funny myself. But I did laugh at the thought of sending it to some people I know it would offend. 

I always imagined Jesus would be bigger....actually, I always just imagined Jesus.....