Do you hate this guy?

If yes,then explain.

X-Pac sucks.

I love him like my hand.

That's the 123 kid, right??

I am indifferent to him, which in the wrestling world is much worse than hate.

Oooooh, TT is damn correct.

I have yet to met anyone who really likes him. Most find him annoying. I used to love when he would get thrown around in the Survivor Series.

can anyone explain his name???...."x-pac"

When Sean first started he was an acrobat type, doing the type of mindless flips & bumps that grabs the attention of indy marks, but eventually ends up destroying the bodies of all too many of these kids. Today he's in really bad shape & can't even rotate his neck without immense pain.

Years ago, at a time when the only job a guy with his build would realistically have would be as a ring boy or part of the tear down crew, Vince saw something in Waltman he liked him & gave the 123 Kid a shot. To the surprise of many, he made good on his break, carved a niche for himself and became somewhat over.

Over the years Sean was a good hand who learned to work a smarter safer style. He didn't have an ego & was universally regarding as someone who was a pleasure to work with. He was widely regarded as someone who always "know how to make you look good." Even the 'boy wonder' Shane McMahon wanted to work from him.

Inevitably, after being on television week after week after week, Sean became overexposed. His 'small man' look & poor mic skills limited what he was capable of, causing fans to get burnt out on his act.

While it's the business and it happens, in a tragic irony all to prevalent, at a fairly young age with no pension to fall back on, his prime earning years are now behind him while his medical expenses are just beginning to explode, and I do mean 'just beginning'.

The reality is, by being successful to a certain extent at a time when the odds were far against him, Waltman helped to open doors for fly weight acrobats to find work beyond the role of traditional job boys. Today you'll find dozens of 123 Kid types slowly killing themselves for nickels & dimes in high school gyms & Bingo Halls across America. You'll also find a guy like Spike Dudley with the opportunity to work on television & draw a decent paycheck, an opportunity that may not have ever existed had there not been Sean to pave the way.

For all that, putting aside whether or not it's better or worse for the industry as a whole, these 'cruisers' owe Sean Waltman a respectfully firm thank you!

Remember that the next time you hear someone talk about how much X Pac 'sucks'!

The "X-Pac sucks" chant was one of the few crowd chants that was not orchestrated by the promoters. It was almost 100% fan driven.

Typically a chant needs time to build up. Even the Rock he needs to get the crowd started on "Rocky, Rocky" before the audience can take over. Goldberg needs a "Goldberg, Goldberg" recording on the speakers to get his chant going.

But I recall one time X-Pac did a run in and within .001 seconds of his appearance the "X-Pac sucks" chant was crystal clear and loud as fuck by every man, woman, and child in attendance.

I was at a WWE Raw show a few months ago and there was an indy guy doing a dark match that had the same hairstyle as X-Pac. Some heckler yelled out, "You suck X-Pac!" and that got the entire Staples Center chanting "X-Pac sucks".


I did genuinely feel bad for him after Chyna filed frivolous charges against him, though.

I saw his shoot interview and it also has a bunch of matches of his from way back early '90-'91.

His work in Japan back then was off the hook, the guy can work. He also had some incredible matches with Sabu and Jerry Lynn.

I have a lot more respect for the guy now.

That guy can generate more heat than most wrestlers.

"can anyone explain his name???...."x-pac""

In WcW, he was known as Syxx, and as a nickname, Hall and Nash called him "Syxx-Pac", like Tupac.

When he went back to the WWF and joined Degeneration X, it was a way to keep name recognition and still not use the Syxx name, which WcW still owned.

I loved him as the Lightning Kid. Would love to see his clashes with Sabu. Also, didn't his neck get messed up when a fan threw a water bottle into the ring, and it hit him in the back of the neck?

rickson watches wrestling?


"He didn't have an ego & was universally regarding as someone who was a pleasure to work with."

I would have never believed that.
I guess I thought he was more like his gimmick than he really was (sort of the way I see Sean Michael's being).

Thanks for setting me straight, McCandyass :)

I thought "Syxx" was because the was the sixth member of the nWo.

I think his greatest failure was his relationship with CHINA. FOR GOD SAKE that was nasty.

He was really good at being a heel cruiserweight in WCW.

When he did the nWo thing recently he actually did the majority of the bumping for the whole team. They had so many tag matches where Nash or whoever would tag him in and then he'd take a few backdrops and a clothesline. Then he'd go for the bronco buster and ram his nuts on the opponent's raised leg.

I thought the guy was hilarious. Everyone loved hating him.