Do you hate your


I've been with my girlfriend for two years, and I love her, but I also hate her at the same time. I've been really considering buying an engagement ring lately, but tonight when she was over I was just waiting for her to leave so I could watch sportscenter... Sportscenter.

Is this normal behavior? Or do I need to GTFO Phone Post 3.0

This is pretty normal, but if you don't address issues you have with her when you have them, they will only blow up like a balloon later Phone Post

Why can't she blow you while you drink a beer and watch Sportscenter?

If you can't watch Sportscenter with her it's too soon to get engaged.

dipsheet - If you can't watch Sportscenter with her it's too soon to get engaged.
Oh no I could easily. But I didn't want to watch it with her. I was looking forward for her to leave lol

And getting blown with a beer in hand would've changed my mind about her leaving Phone Post 3.0

Thuglife13 - That quote from End Of Watch that goes something like, "Can you live without her? If you can then you need to leave her, don't string her along"...
That's a good one... Never watched the movie but I like that quote.

I've always looked at it as that she makes me happier than any other girl could. By far. Sometimes I just hate her though, but without her I would be miserable. Lol Phone Post 3.0

Communication is the key. Try saying "This dick isn't going to suck itself"


Who watches that bullshit anymore? It's dead like newspapers. Phone Post 3.0

You want to marry the girl that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with. And I mean really know it. Otherwise it's a mistake Phone Post 3.0

IsisEvil -

I would recommend waiting to propose until you've lived together.

This. Getting married / engaged without living together first is fucking insane.

If she doesn't live there n when she is there you want her to leave then that pretty well sums it up. Don't get me wrong everyone needs personal time but it sounds like a bad idea to wife one up if you feel like you do. Phone Post 3.0

Masturbair and then think decide weather or not you love her Phone Post 3.0

honestly, if you find yourself waiting for her to leave, it's probably a bad idea to get engaged.

Especially if you havent moved in together yet.

do that first, she doesn't ever leave.