Do you have a house game?

I hold a house game about 2-4 nights a week. We usually play no limit .25-.50 blinds with a 20 buy in and lots of rebuys. On a good night someone might win 100 +. A couple of things crossed my mind the other day at my game. One was why do bad players continue to come back. At what point would you evaluate the fact that you are not a good card player and lose on a continuous basis? We have about 3-5 guys that play regularly but win about 1 out of 10 times. I like the fact that they come because its free money, but I just wonder how much longer we will be able to milk them.

I also started to think about our buy ins compared to when we hit the casino. We put so little into play at our local games but you can find us in the 10-20 or 30-60 at the casino or online. Its funnny how the value of money can change so quickly relative to your location and buy in amount.