Do you have a nice little saturday planned?

Blasphemy!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

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mjeezy - Rip mrs mbn's birth hole.

8 lbs and 2 weeks left! Phone Post 3.0
An 8 lb shorty will be no problem since it regularly handles my 10 pound dong Phone Post 3.0
Lol..... Luckily your junk doesn't have arms and legs attached to it.

ODI? Phone Post 3.0

My Weener Emilio doesn't have legs, but he's got arms and can handle himself on the Grill about as well as I can!! 


LEGIT LOL Phone Post 3.0
Whatever you do, don't let Emilio talk you into trying some of his Secret Sauce with your Burger.

Jeezy might like it :) ... But I hear it's an acquired taste!! Lol Phone Post 3.0
Perhaps I would like it! Phone Post 3.0
I warn you, Emilio always puts too much on, he can't help himself... He will have both Buns covered and still offer more! Phone Post 3.0

microbiologynerd - The 2 vc is basically a non issue as mini mbn is almost 8 pounds at 38 weeks :) Phone Post 3.0
They can't measure the weight accurately as the amniotic fluid could be couple of pounds.

2 vessel cord could pose a risk during the delivery because the baby might not be getting enough oxygen.

I don't mean to scare you, if the Dr's know that there might be a 2 vessel cord issue before hand it will be fine. Phone Post 3.0

I'm just hanging out at home spending time with my newborn daughter. I might try and talk my wife into letting me order the UFC fights and just watch in between helping feed and change diapers. Phone Post 3.0