Do you have a no ruining Thanksgiving rule regarding conversations?

It’s not that big of a deal.
I don’t have any real issues with anyone. They are more white sheep. I am black sheep.

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Nope, because my family arent assholes.

Yes bullshit each other and be fake! That’s great! Mature adults can have rationale discussions about anything and not get mad. I guess your family isn’t there yet.

We play monopoly, then take it out back.

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I guess I’m more sad for you that they are that insane. And happy that you’re an independent thinker.

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No politics at the table. Shut it the fuck down today, calmly. She was a guest and didnt know the rule. Mind you, Im the youngest but its my house and it got several ppl into the debate but I made it clear.

No politics, unless you want me part of it and with all due respect its gonna get ugly. Stubborn ol cunt still made a snippy remark about Biden on her way out. I obviously retorted with a light hearted dementia joke. Bitch look haha.

You couldn’t be more wrong. It’s about respect, not about being fake. People who respect one another understand that they have differences and don’t talk about those differences. Humans have a craving to try to change everyone’s minds and make people think like them. When you let go of that and just do your own thing and be good with that life is much more enjoyable.