Do you have a Radar Detector in your car?

I just stopped into Best Buy to grab a Uniden R3 ( damn this thread )

They could not find the unit showing in their inventory. Place was a complete mess. Some shelves empty but mostly just looked in disarray.

I start on a long drive tomorrow so thought would be fun to test

Damn thread = spend

May try Waze

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Yep. Also Waze and google typically only show where cops are sitting and not cops who might be passing you in the oncoming lane or merging behind you on the on-ramp.

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Slow down you asshole

R3 allows you to cancel out all X and K band alerts. There is also an update you can plug your detector into your pc and update the software. R3 is the way to go…

I have noticed what I believe to be police putting up false “police parked here” signals on highways. A lot of them.

What they do on the way to Key West, is they have a huge motorcycle patrol units, like 6 guys in a group that flash radar when you are coming at them so waze or your detector won’t work.

some areas it is smart to not speed at all. Remember, you can win most of them, but not all.

Earlier I mentioned because of this dang thread and these posts I made stop at Best Buy to get an R3 no dice, they could not find it.

Now I keep trying to think of where I can find one before the AM trip.

Ah well I will take this trip and forget about a radar detector.

I don’t really speed, but it is nice on a long drive when the interstate is right to be able to cruise around 80 or so and make decent time.

Just follow the rabbits (people speeding). I set my speed and follow a good distance behind someone speeding (rabbit). They either slow down and warn you or get the ticket.

You only have to describe the term (gay nickname) once per post.

Even if they do not slow down, if the cop has instant-on radar or laser, the rabbit will get the hit and my detector will alert me. With the alert, I can slow down before the cop can determine whether or not I was also speeding - so just the rabbit gets pulled over. I’ve been using rabbits in this manner for over 30 years, often travelling 100-120mph for long distances, and never getting a ticket.

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waize is 1000 times better at spotting cops than google.

google cop warnings are often utility trucks and other bullshit.

Traffic cops was viewed as a good job where I worked. Regular hours. come in early and gone early. By the pool by 3pm. Get to ride motorcycles and wearing 700 dollar boots. Lots of pussy.

Most of them were trained in accident investigations/ reconstruction . So could get side jobs working for insurance companies. usually 200 an hour or better.

Weekends off as well unless there was a special event, at OT rate as well.

The only thing they were expected to do was record where they worked in response to traffic complaints, and write 15-20 tickets a day, which is simple.

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“Yep. Also Waze and google typically only show where cops are sitting and not cops who might be passing you in the oncoming lane or merging behind you on the on-ramp.”

Well, if you see Waze showing numerous pings for cops and they’re not there when you go by that spot, you can still be pretty sure they’re probably around in the area.

Some days I leave for work and Waze shows zero activity on the route. Other days it shows a dozen pings along the 15 miles of freeway and I know it’s a day to be careful.


what does this mean? Waze won’t work? How’s that?

Just drove close to 700 miles yesterday could not find a rabbit

Was thinking about some options from the thread

Is this the OG thread final vote ?

Get the R3 ?

Or consider the Valentine One Gen 2 ?