do you have a soft spot for strip malls?

grew up on em, still love the older ones even though they all blow nowadays and in a way always did...but back in the day strip malls would have cool stereo shops, car audio, freaky head shops and tatoo spots, the "cool" convenience stores with the good video games and candy, cool coffee shops to hang out in front of......just alot of good stuff

around my parts the older ones remaining are full of dingy dollar stores and run down mom and pop junk hole restuarants but I still get the urge to always stop at em whenever possible and check em out

they build new ones too all the time that completely suck, full of cheap franchises like tanning salons and small banks...those ones i avoid

Yeah, but I got a real hard spot for strippers. And some coke. They love that shit. 

Totally. I want to sit on the curb outside the Chinese place or skateboard past the shitty shoe store all day.