Do you have any genius inventions

Once that you think are brilliant but won’t pursue? Here’s mine:

A reversible bumper sticker for your car that can be changed from inside the car by pressing a button.

When driving through an urban neighborhood or when parked in any major city such as Chi or NY, the sticker says Black Lives Matter.

When you get stopped for a traffic ticket, you quickly press the button and it turns into a Blue Lives Matter bumper sticker. Boom! No ticket from the police officer.

A search engine that lets you upload photos of people you know to find their most similar porn star amalgam through facial recognition software.

Also a BJJ squeeze training device but I think we know what’s more marketable.


Like I’d tell you, idea thief.


That’s a good one! To take it to the next idea, they should make a site where you give them a pic of a woman you desire (real life, pornstar, whatever), also give them a pic of you, then they can make a deep fake where you are sexing said person in a porn video.

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I remember taping an NES controller to a Sony Watchman tv and dreamed of playing a handheld portable Nintendo. Then Nintendo stole my goddamn idea a few years later.

I like the cut of your jib. Let’s split a few 8 balls and start a business.

Just strap a flesh light to a thigh master


Another one would be a device you can wear like a Fitbit that tracks your blood alcohol level when you go out, in real time. You can decide when it’s safe to get behind the wheel and stay below the danger BAL. right now it’s a guess and many people guess wrong.


they got those they are just lcd screens. you can have it say anything and do it from phone

I invented a bologna scented candle. It’s amazing.

Another would be a cologne that smells like cocaine. I know some say Tuscan leather smells like cocaine which I can’t vouch for, but something that is 100% cocaine smell. Then sell this to guys who go to clubs … ladies will swarm.

But would make it expensive so only few people can afford and to keep the illusion alive. Otherwise every guy in club would be wearing it.


A sex doll that talks to you about her day while having sex with it…it’s called a methadoll…the methadone for sex doll addiction…


There already is one ….been out there for years

A device, a machine of some sort, that is always moving. Perpetually.


We’re all thinking it






At my last company I started a product line suggestion and led to the ideation of a product line expected to produce $100,000,000 a year for them by 2025. I got a thank you or two. I’m under NDA, patent pending and all, we’ll see if they’re right.

I have an idea like a tinder but better. If you’re looking for a partner you sign up and go in active mode. Anyone else who is in active mode on the app also shows up. If both people give green light to other people in vicinity (such as a bar), then you get linked. So this takes the fear out of most people approaching others due to fear of rejection. If you get a in real time green light from both sides and are made aware, then you can approach the other person freely knowing they are physically attracted to you and are open to being approach specifically by you.