Do you have friends you've never met in person?

I have a couple, friends of my cousin I met through gaming. I've met all of the group that we all game with but 2 of them. One of them I'd even consider a good buddy, we chat on Facebook and play games just the 2 of us.

My cousins also made a buddy in the US (I'm Canadian) through gaming that I eventually became friends with. He visits once a year to play in a softball tourney with us and actually met his girlfriend here. He's also a very good buddy and comes to my daughter's birthday parties and was at her baptism.

Anyone else?

ThePundidiot -

My bestie and I met online. Still have t met him face to face, but I feel like we are super close. 


Cant wait to finally meet you Traven!

i've met him, he's a good dude.

My friend Travis. He's really cool. He's my best friend. He's three feet tall and breathes fire when he gets mad at mom. He also tells me to do stuff. Bad stuff.

Yes several. People that I have got to know from different forums.

No. My friends are people I know and see. People online are just people I know of

All of you are my friends. xoxo!

I have an Iranian friend I imagine I'll never actually meet in person

My brother had his buddy join up with us while we were doing the campaign on HAWX. We flew fighter planes, and he was the bomber.

We all had a bunch of laughs as the team hummed tracks from Top Gun during one of the missions. Never met the guy, but he seems cool.

Do I consider him a friend?

lol no.