Do you have the cajones to fight????

 May 24th, ONE week away! in Davenport, iowa.

Due to illnesses, injuries, not being able to train appropiately (3 months?), "mysterious ailmnents", etc. , we have fighters backing out of their fights. If you are serious about fighting in a high quality amateur event, please get a hold of me ASAP at 563-209-2863.

All weights are wecolme!!!


His number is there KOF, call him :)


bummer ....TTT



that can be frustrating, good luck boss


That can be frustrating, ban those punks from MMA! You should post thier names on here, myspace, etc. so other promoters dont make the same mistake of wasting their time with those losers.




I am frustrated, but realize that it is part of the game. I don't mean to sound like I am upset with the guys that have had to back out, although there is one in particular that I take a little personally, because he was one of the first to beg me for a fight, and I got him everything he wanted (including a fight 3 months ago). Then, he backed out with less than 10 days to go, due to "not having time to train". Don't get me wrong, he's a good kid, he just has me frustrated.

As for all of the guys that backed out, I understand their specific situations. I am not happy about it, but having been around the game for almost 14 years (including managing fighters, and having to make the dreaded call to the promoter letting him know that my fighter wasn't going to be able to fight), I guess this is just a part of the game that those with a lot of experience are used to. Me? I am not so used to it, so I just had to vent.

Like I said, nothing personal against the guys that couldn't fight, it is just a frustrating experience when my best intentions (having amateur fighters lined up with opponents months in advance) are failing miserably.

I am still convinced that this will be a successful show, as we still have plenty of great bouts on the card!

Did  I mention that if you are near Davenport, Iowa and want to fight next Saturday (May 24th), please call me at 563-209-2863! ;)

Thanks for the support!

I'll fight next week in an amatuer event, for $800 under the table.

kneedy - I'll fight next week in an amatuer event, for $800 under the table.



I hooked up a fighter I know here in Mex City with a fight in the states. He did not end up fighting because his opponent backed out.  Reportedly telling the matchmaker that God had told him NOT to fight. This was after weigh

Nevermind, I just about Ptowned (sorry Ptown)myself on my speedbag platform. I got distracted throwing a looping right and busted up my first knuckle bad, but not Ptown bad. I should have had gloves on to work, I am a fucking idiot. My hand is now even more mangled, time to work kicks and knees I guess.



 Brian backed out a LONG time ago, so he isn't necessarily one of the ones that I am referring to. Although, I do have a kid that is 119 lbs (0-2 as a pro boxer) that is dying to fight, and Brian would be perfect for him.

I am just being reminded of why the "business" side of MMA sucks! lol It's much easier being a fan! lol

As for Kirby, if you could email me his phone number I have a couple of spots (not HOLES! LOL) that I still might need guys to fight. BZLJJ@AOL.COM

Again, I am not mad at anyone, as I understand it's just the nature of the beast, but it's really frustrating!

Oh well, the show will go on, and it will be successful!!!! :)

sounds like you signed David Terrell for your card.