Do you judge someone for their past?

Dark Knight - It would depend. I have met a couple ex strippers, an 18 yr old gets talked into it is one thing. Ex porn star would be a little different.

I worked with a guy that married a stripper, they moved to Nevada she became a prostitute, legal there. They did many swinger parties.

Then one day they were born again. Few years later she committed suicide.
Plot twist!! Phone Post 3.0

Yes, I judge. Decision have consequences. That's why you should always stop and think about what you're doing before you do it.

Also, the past doesn't just magically go away. It's always there and always will be.

Rarely, it's usually easy enough to judge them for their present.

This is why I never EVER tell co-workers or casual acquaintances anything from my past that I regret or am not proud of.

Eventually, or immediately, it will be used against you. I've even got very close friends and ex-lovers who know virtually nothing about personal secrets / skeletons in my closet.

I'm always pretty surprised when someone I work with or don't know super well vomits up unflattering details of their past. There is no upside.

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