Do You Know Anyone You Like Better When Drunk?

So my in laws were in town last week. I drove from NC to pa to pick them up because they are 80 and fil recently had a pacemaker/shocker thing installed, and my son drove the back home over the weekend.

My father in law is basically a cranky asshole, and his whole life has become parroting mainstream media talking points and letting trump live in his head, so it’s a real balancing act for me to try to be nice and decide which things I want to help correct him on, but even beyond that, he’s just not a pleasant houseguest, never compliments my wife’s cooking, can never talk about or do anything other than what he wants,etc. My mil loves Bojangles fried chicken, and he hates it and makes sure to never stop mentioning it while we eating, etc. It’s like he hates it if other people arent as miserable as he is.

However, he and my son got tanked up on some homemade wine he brought from home, and he turned into a humble and goofy drunk, and we all, including my mother in law, agreed we prefer him that way to normal. It’s like he had to get drunk to let his nice out.

I mention it mainly because it’s generally true in my experience that most people are likely to be bigger asses when drunk, and this seems to be a rare case of the opposite.

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Most females. Most.


I know several.

IMO, most of these people are living with anxiety. The booze takes the edge off…or at least lets them stop worrying/thinking too much.

That’s him, terrified of dying, angry atheist, has daily anxiety over it. But don’t some people get drunk just to let the anxiety and anger flow out even more?

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Yeah…me. I’m a cantankerous fuck lately, so much shit making me pissed off in general. When i drink, i forget about all of that crap. I become happy in the moment