Do you know Manny Reyes?

Manny has been talking about the heat he brings to MMA, and the great PPVs that would develop. So I figured.. hey he might be right, lets find out by asking the man on the street.

Thus I went to the local bar and asked people what they knew about Manny Reyes Jr. Here are some of the responses. I'd urge you all to go and do the same, so we can better understand his appeal and market penetration.


You guys know Manny Reyes Jr?

Small guy, bout 5'8", 155lbs? I know him. He's a bastard (I only mean that literally), but he has a face that makes you laugh.


Anyone here know Manny Reyes Jr?

Sure I know him, ugly guy, smells of old cheese. Once saw him wrestle a bullfrog and call it a 'gator. Funkiest looking pair of shoes I ever saw.


You guys know Manny Reyes Jr?

You mean that boxer with the 4-17 record, who is apparently the best LW in MMA?

No that is Ron Krull. Though they are easy to confuse.

Sorry, my mistake.


Hey, you all know Manny Reyes Jr?

Sure I know Manny Reyes Jr. He's a tough guy, has ties with the mob and trains professional hitmen. I heard he once fought off twelve guys at once. Three of them died, four of them went to jail, and the remaining five all joined his gym as disciples. He's a bastard, but at least he's medicated.


So has anyone else gone to find out what people on the street know about the famed Manny Reyes Jr?


Did he offer to supersize that?

Manny has been winning world championships since he was 2 years old.

Instead of a crib, he slept inside a heavy bag. Every day we'd toss some food in and tell him, he was a little chick and had to break his own way out of the egg.

Manny Reyes Jr is actually the evil, shorter, younger twin of the Dalai Lama. The only difference is that the Dalai Lama can kick his ass.


ttt for the man, the myth, the midget!