The following pictures were taken at the November NAGC in New Jesey. We have submitted these plus another 10 photos to Grappling Magazine. They will be in the next issue. We would like to know the name and school of those in the pictures, to give them credit in the magazine. Any help would be appreciated.


This is not the actual picture in the magazine but the two figthers are. Names?


I know that is Eddie Fyvrie getting choked, who is doing the choking?

I see TSK shorts..thats a start.

The old guy on top is Barry Griefer from Alex Wilkies.
He is a great guy, and helps run alex's school.

The dude is living on borrowed time ( and taking advantage of every second) because he has a brain tumor, and the docs always said "you have 2 years"; "you have 6 months" etc, etc. but Barry keeps on ticking - A great inspiration to me.

Also a good cornerman and boxing coach.

Thanks! I think the guy fighting Barry is form Renzo's?


If you're talking about Barry...I bet he could kick your ass.

If not.. disregard the previous comment, and have a great day.




The two older guys kick ass for competing like that.


Brett is correct. That just inspired the hell out of me.


That's it - any help would be greatly appreciated!

Picture # 7 is headless guy vs someone's ass. J/K.

Those pictures are great. The competitors span many generations and it shows that anyone can grapple if they want to. I can't wait for this article.

There were 9 fighters in the Executive (50 years and above) Division. A great bunch of guys!

The older gentleman on the bottom looks like "Uncle Leo" from Seinfeld...



Great pictures!