Do You KNow Who Sings This 80's Song?

I thought it was straight up Michael Mcdonald.

Andy Garcia


Then I thought, Bob Seger?

Gregg Allmen

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This guy

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Is Black Rain a good movie? It’s one of those I was interested in seeing but never got around to it.

Yeah, it’s great.

I only watched it again the other week, probably seen it 4 or 5 times since it released.

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It was on HDNET Movies the other month.

Story is nothing new, Seagal, Bruce Willis type fare, mixed with western cops teaming w Eastern cops and how different they are, and how different they police.

Bt the visuals are great, Directed by Ridley Scott, and Andy Garcia was real good in it.

I would definitely give it a recommend if you like 80’s action cop stuff.

I had to give it a watch cuz I’m watching Tokyo Vice!

Like i was saying, i was sure that was “Yammo Be There” himself singing the intro song, lol