Do you know who this woman is, UG?

The first pic is from an audience shot from UFC 132 in Vegas, the 2nd one is from a quick red carpet look from the beginning of UFC on Fox.

Does any UG'er know who she is? Is she an actress? Escort?


CHiLLEN -  No idea. Do you know what would look good on her?

My dick. Phone Post

 That was the UG, in a nutshell :-)

I was going to guess that she was a showgirl,but seeing that she was in LA also,changes my opinion to a women who probably performs or provides a service. 

I would like to know her..or just fap to some more pics.
either will do

Is she "the one" for you?

Did you at least try to flirt with her through your DVR and tv?

Either a pornstar, "aspiring actress", stripper, escort or gold digger.

Or she could just be a nice person. Phone Post

laziest stalker ever

Krypstonite - I would like to know her..or just fap to some more pics.

either will do

 By request of Krpstonite...

This was of a quick scan of the gaggle of well dressed women she was with, so sorry for the piss-poor quality.

Also, funny comments so far, guys. Keep it up please

 She's got an almost abnormally large hand (with a wedding ring on it?).

TheKidAintMine - laziest stalker ever

That is quite offensive.


Noticed her hair was different, and familar, as well as the dress she wore.

With some minor alterations, the resemblance is uncanny.

Someone in power in the UFC has a thing for shapley brunettes with good teeth...a man after my own heart.

Shine on you crazy diamond!



TheKidAintMine - laziest stalker ever