Do You Like Certain Smells You’re Not Supposed to?

Some people get disgusted by the smell of a farm but it brings back nostalgia for me. I am reminded that a guy who lived in the house to the rear of us used to own a horse and we used to feed it through the fence.

Poop smells!! Yuck. But every once in a while if you eat the right foods, it can come out smelling like fresh roasted coffee.

Is there a reason people complain that someone farted yet don’t leave the area? Sometimes they even take a second whiff to yell out “oh my god you farted!”

Rotting bananas reminds me of downtown Los Angeles.

The smell of Hot Tar reminds me of childhood.

The smell of old beer cans reminds me of the barrel of cans my dad collected out back. Going to the can exchange to get 30 bucks for infinity amount of cans

The smell of vomit and feces reminds me of when I lost my virginity.


Was it your own feces? What kind of virginity are we talking about here?

Joe Biden Smile GIF by Hillary Clinton


A garbage can reminds me of op when he sweats

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It’s just smells. Smells. It’s just that. Smells.

I love the smell of hot tar when they hot mop a shower or fresh asphalt

I like the smell of stink bait that I catfish with.

No one knows. A lot of dudes lost their virginity that night.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning


Dont get me started

OP, just admit you love the smell of mule and rooster feces.

Also, tar or rubber reminds me of my child hood at the park.

You ever dig in your ass and then then smell your finger? or just me?

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My farts! Live the foul moist revolting odor I produce. It almost sticks to the air.

My farts
The smell of asphalt when it rains on a hot day.
Lit match
The old black markers that probably made some of my brain cells go pop.

womans ass. means im getting laid lol.


Diesel exhaust
Farm smells for sure and for same reason as op


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Cow shit. Grew up next to cow pastures and basically hung out in and around them. Now that liquid processed shit they spray nowadays is a different story.

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Agree but more of the faded smell variety. I got a nose full of the fresh out of the gland variety when my dog got sprayed. That shit is like paint thinner and Satan’s ball sweat.

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