Do You Like KUKRI?

Tomorrow at 6PM EST, we’ll have this beast come up for raffle!

I don’t make these often. I believe this is number 6 in total. Our own Mutant has the first iteration of the design. Every once in a while, that Cocobolo handled Kurki he has pops into my head and I get the itch to make another.

This one is forged in 80CrV2 tool steel. Rough ground fuller and hand finished bevels. Handles are done in Marblewood with Green Canvas Micarta bolsters. Red fiber liners accent the tang and the transition between the handles and bolsters. Stainless steel hardware secures the entire package. The handle is fully contoured for proper ergonomics and will allow long chopping sessions with minimal hand/arm fatigue.

Below is a video of the blade in action. My apologies for not being my normal asshole self. I was dealing with an impacted tooth and couldn’t muster the energy to properly do the knife justice. All of the swings shown were about half power to avoid excruciating pain lol. But you get the idea.


Well I have to grab a tissue now.


Fuckin nice alto.


Really nice looking.

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Still impressed you got Tom Hanks to do the voice overs.


Hold the phone?!? Soooo you’re not Lance Reddick?!?


Is this in honor of Juneteenf?


I have one.

I read a story of a naepaliese retired soldier that hacked a gang that tried to rob a train. He was going to let them go until they tried to rape a young girl. He single handily drove of 13 thugs and killed and injured a bunch


Point of percussion

I’m unfamiliar with this phrase but it would make a rad band name or song title

She’s a beaut, Clark


I’ve been a fan since Diablo 2.


LOL, he does sound like Hanks.

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Will it keel? Nice fucking kukri!

Was there anything more challenging with making this design than normal?



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You have a nice voice, Altovsky.
Supposedly the Nepalese were fond of charging and slicing diagonally upwards which is an unusual angle against a knife fighter.

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The tight recurve toward the handle is always a bitch. It needs to be forged with confidence and subsequently ground with confidence. If you approach it in an unsure manner, you’re guaranteed to fuck it up. You’ll get these humps in there instead of a smooth cutting surface. Took a while to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

That’s precisely the way this is balanced to use. The upward diagonal slice flows readily from the wrist due to proper balancing. All in the wrist.

And thank you I guess lol. I can still sound like I’m from Queens when I want to. In fact, every time I go see my dad the old accent comes out without my even thinking of it.


That’s the result of having a naturally heavy NY accent and working to neutralize it for sales calls in the south lol.


That makes sense, with a flat belt it would be much harder to evenly grind a concave curve than convex. Do you use a narrower belt to do it?

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Excellent question. Color me impressed.

I actually don’t use a narrower belt when doing these, though I do know many who do. What I do is use the corner of the flat platen. Mine is a glass platen, so it doesn’t wear at all on the corners. This allows even passes over tight areas, same way as a narrow belt would, but without my having to pay extra for them.

Plus, I’ve always found that finishing passes are best done on the corner in one smooth motion. The thing about belt grinders… you’re never gonna get full flat contact with any belt. Even with my platen being solid glass that doesn’t wear. The belts bend. You simply cannot avoid it when making full contact with the entirety of the belts. Thus, corner finishing. Works like a peach and makes hand finishing much more tolerable.


Sweet! Indeed I do!