Do you like watching mma?

I'm wondering how many of you enjoy settling down and watch the fights at the weekend?

Do you do it coz your man does. If he wasn't there would you still watch?

Do you watch the prelims?
Are you banished to the kitchen or left hostessing for the guys? Phone Post 3.0

Really? No one?

Just interested. I watch whether the bf is here or not. I'm from the UK so have the prelims start around midnight. We DVR the main card and watch it with breakfast on a Sunday morning. Phone Post 3.0

I do actually, I was really happy when my husband started getting in to it.
But I grew up watching my brother wrestle and being his practice dummy. I remember as a tween/teen watching bo dog fights on a really random basic cable channel. There used to be a show on another basic channel that was like a combo of Greco roman and free style wrestling, guys fom all over the US would compete in brackets by region, they were on a raised octagon and it had different rules than mma or wrestling. I'm pretty sure Rulon was a judge and I think chuck competed.
I remember watching a few of the one of the first UFC shows not really knowing what it was but it was interesting.
I do genuinely like it. Phone Post 3.0

I have a friend who does that. She watches too but will just start jabbering, I'm to nice to be like "I'm looking at you but I have no idea what we are talking about because I'm listening to the fight". Phone Post 3.0

Haha - I think my bf does that to me. I get excitable and jabber on more than joe hogan.

I'm glad I'm not alone then. Vtfu all round. Phone Post 3.0

I don't watch UFC. Nothing against it but I don't really watch much tv and my fiancé doesn't keep up too much either. Phone Post 3.0

I was just interested as you're on an mma forum. I know I'm not as fussed as I was but still try and watch all the fights. Phone Post 3.0