Do you like your neighbors?

I have the best neighbors. On one side is this sweet polish lady. She has to be 80 I'd say. She's all alone now but she's out there everyday tending to her garden and walks to the grocery store and church and bingo. She's sweet even though I have no idea what she is saying to me.

My other neighbor is right on. He's helped me with many projects. He always knows where to start and how to get something done. And he always has cold beer. And if I run out of weed he usually can pinch for me. Just an all around cool dude. I'd be lost without him.

Tell me about your neighbors. Phone Post 3.0

I want to fuck my next door neighbors wife. My neighbor is a real nice guy, but she is a real bitch, yells at him all the time and he just does the yes dear and just puts his head down and walks away like a scolded dog. Even his daughters yells at him and hits him. Poor bastard.

Anyway, she needs a good hate fucking. If only I was black... Phone Post 3.0

We lucked out a few years ago and moved into a fantastic neighborhood, we undervalued its importance after living in a lousy neighborhood. Makes all aspects of a family life easier. We just had our 2nd annual "back to school ice cream social" tonight. The neighborhood has monthly open house where all the families drop in, bring food and drinks and have a good time Phone Post 3.0

Neighbor on the left is the forest

On the right is a looney yet lovable single woman who trains service dogs. She constantly watches my dog when I'm out of town and takes her on day long hikes with the service dogs. She also refuses pay but we bring her food on the holidays so she doesn't get depressed. Good trade for me.

I attempt to avoid any communication with my neighbors, as a preventative measure against the airing of grievances.

My favorite is a nice East Indian family with kids who have atrocious hoop dreams and cause noise pollution in a neighborhood with no central ac (endless dribbling), and a father who shit talks his wife in outdoor ping pong matches.

Father is also my #1 suspect for "the raccoon"--a man who empties the neighborhood recycling bins under cover of darkness, with only the whites of his eyes visible.

My ideal neighbor never says anything to me or interacts beyond a minimal greeting, to maintain the perception of neighborly goodwill. I'm good on helping my fellow man in an emergency, but I don't want to have awkward small talk or sugar borrowers.

Yeah. We party all the time. I do have a horrible neighbor though that ruined my 4th and sent the pigs my way.

My upstairs neighbors are loud as fuck. Everything they do. Fighting, fucking, or watching tv. It's pretty much the only things they do. And I hear everything. Phone Post 3.0

In. I move into my new home in 2 days. God I hope my neighbors are cool. I did scout the area and walked around the block during the daytime and early evening on different days and it was actually pretty quiet. Though it is a cookie cutter type neighborhood...but you never know

Muh my neighbors are alright except the woman is gross, she's probably mid 30's and she's got these stretched out deer tits. She wear a tank top with no bra sometimes and it just makes me gag Phone Post 3.0

To my left an old guy that recently lost his wife, nice guy, I mow his lawn whenever I do mine.
To my right, 5 young people, they raise chickens and we trade veggies from my garden for their eggs, mostly nice people altho one of them got musical aspirations but cant sing for shit.
Across the street, redneck guy thats always out yelling at his kids, he's an ass, he's tried to make friends w me, but it ain't happening. Phone Post

I used to hate my neighbors....then they died.

Now their dumbass children moved in. One of the faggots parks his car technically in my yard and not his....even though there is plenty parking room on his side of the road.

Stupid sumbitches get up early on a Sunday morning and race those jet powered 4 wheel RC cars all around the property and into my yard too....all the while I'm trying to sleep that is.

I live in a retired neighborhood so all these sumbitches will be dead soon enough. Maybe then I will get some peace and quiet.

Neighbor to the left is just used for a small business billing company or some shit, only 3-5 people there between 9-5. Neighbors to the right are 3 sorority girls, we look out for them and they look out for us, it's great. My house is on University Ave, about 2 blocks from campus, I love it. Phone Post 3.0

I tolerate them. Better than the crack dealers a few blocks away.

Just moved in to a new spot. Live on a cornor, the neighbors behind me are a bit old and trashy, but they are nice enough. Their family has been there for like 50 years I guess. My next door neighbors are Mexican and I'm pretty sure they have multiple families living there including some in the backyard in a tent. But after the quake hit they let us use an outlet on their generator for some light so my kids wouldn't freak out as much. So again nice enough, gave them a bottle of wine.

Now my neighbors across the street piss me off. They have a kid who always parks his or his gfs car on the side of my house. I wasn't sure why at first until I found a used condom in the street one day. This is the side of the house that has my two little girls windows facing it. Still not sure how to retaliate yet. Open to ideas. Might leave one of my used condoms on his windshield wipers or something. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt round 2 Phone Post 3.0

no problems with my neighbors on either side.

Not best friends with them or anything, but always chat with both for a couple minutes whenver we are both out.

My neighbors are all really awesome. It's the sole reason I don't move to a nicer place.

In for later Phone Post 3.0

I have an older couple that lives on one side. They're awesome. The first week we moved in he says I can borrow his mower until Labor Day so I can catch one on sale. That was in July of that year.

A couple about my age just moved in on the other side and has been updating the house and it looks infinitely better. He talks a bit much but is way cooler than the previous owner.

My neighborhood is pretty awesome if you're into that whole suburbia thing. Phone Post 3.0