Do you limit the time you spend on your devices?

Nights like tonight I'm just staring at phone reading through thread after thread, which leads me to wonder about things, which leads me to never ending google searches...

It's such a waste of time. It's like I'm trying to kill time while waiting in line at the DMV. I almost want to just allow myself a set time each night to waste time on computer/devices...

I go to work for 9 hours, then spend time with my wife and kid until they fall asleep... Once they're in bed, I'm out of control with the insane amount of time I'm wasting.

Have any of you tried putting a limit on your usage? Phone Post 3.0

You've just described my routine exactly. My phone has recently stopped receiving data and I'm not even gonna fix it. It's nice not being able to browse the forums at every opportunity (unless there's wifi).

Lame but whatever it takes, right? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I limit myself to all day Phone Post 3.0

3 hours a day for my nipple clamps.

No but I need to (but I won't) Phone Post 3.0

Wife is always moaning about how much time I spend on my phone..... Wish I could stop it but when I'm just sitting around it has become habit to surf the web/OG....
May have to start making a real effort to reduce things Phone Post 3.0