Do you own a Tampout shirt?

I see how a lot of folks here make fun of individuals for wearing tapout clothing. Question is, why? Do you feel they're pretending to be a fighter, or could it be that they're just representing the sport?

One thing about that is, Tapout is a clothing line, not an MMA organization.

Now sold in Ross @ $10.00 a T-Shirt.

Also UFC/Zuffa owned.

kazja13 - Now sold in Ross @ $10.00 a T-Shirt.

Also UFC/Zuffa owned.

Why would the UFC own a clothing company that sponsers it's own fighters?

 tampout?  Is that a feminine hygeine product?

i do infact own a tapout shirt 2 i believe. What pisses me off is the people who wear it to be all toughguys and try to get laid by saying im a fighter look at my tapout gear. But i do train but a pro fighter i am not.

 i bought a tapout shirt from Charles (mask) at an event in Jan 2000.

Duncan Harcourt - 
kazja13 - Now sold in Ross @ $10.00 a T-Shirt.

Also UFC/Zuffa owned.

Why would the UFC own a clothing company that sponsers it's own fighters?

Because it is a monopoly business.

So they can make money on other promotions with fighters wearing the Zuffa owned gear.

The other promotions promoting the Zuffa hidden t-shirt line.

yes, but i need to buy another box of tampout before my next period.

Ah. So other companies don't know that the UFC owns Tapout?

 I own a few Tapout shirts.Even got one last year  from my girlfriend as a present.I also had Skyscrape throw me one at Table Mountain Casino in Friant Ca.I just look at people who wear Tapout shirts are more then likely TUF noobs.Of course if I`m near these guys I will strike up a conversation. 

I have a hoodie and shorts ... that I wear to training.

That's probably not cool enough for this place though.

the_shrike -  yes, but it was bought in 2001 so i'm exempt from TUF noob status. right?

 Right.Did you receive a Chuck Liddell card with your purchase?

Lol, I heard a funny story recently where someone thought TAPOUT was a fighting style. If Bliz comes on here, he might tell it....but it's probably funnier in person.

Where can I get a Tampout shirt?

I have 2 and would buy more. I would buy othre brands if I knew if they were good. I went to buy Affliction and it was $65 and made from cheap thin material, so I did not buy it. So now I will only buy shirts if I can see them in person first.



I have one. I'm no fighter, but I've been a fan for 16 years and I trained when I was younger.

You're supporting the sport unless your shirt says something like "I'm a fighter!"

 i was talking to someone on facebook who i had lost contact with for several years. i noticed one of her interests was "UFC" so i ask her how long she's been into MMA. "What's MMA?" she asked back. then she went on about how she's been a fan since 2005 and goes "I'm actually a big UFC fan, I want to go to one of their events but it always seem to be in Las Vegas or something. I know tapout or whatever has their own organization going on but I'm not too into it for some reason."

i want to strangle her but she's cute.

They came to our gym and gave all the fighters a ton of swag, so now it's rare that I'm not wearing at least one thing of theirs. The flip-flops they put out are THE most comfortable sandals I've ever worn.

kazja13 - Also UFC/Zuffa owned................................................................Where do you jackass's get your intell from, maybe you loser's should get off the computer and hit the gym instead of spreading more pointless bs. Cant believe after 9 years of reading this crap, nothing has changed...Sad