Do you post anywhere else?

I've been a fan of mma for about 14 year or so, but only recently(roughly 2 years) got into the discussion forums. I started on the espn mma forum but the amount of idiots on there chased me out fairly quickly. Then a friend told me about mmaweekly, and I liked it there and stayed for about 18 months or so. Then I was lookin for a change and joined sherdog. But they have so many member that the amount of trolls is crazy. And the seriousness they take in belt colors is just ridiculous. So that led me here and so far I like it for the most part.

I plan on reading and posting here for a while, but was wondering if there are any good forums I should check out as well. Anyone have any suggestions?

 matbattle, stormfront, and fightsport

I only post here. I like it here. Phone Post


DamnSevern -  matbattle, stormfront, and fightsport

A Phone Post