Do you still get Smackdown on your tv?

I don't.  MyNetwork/WWOR-TV on DishNetwork is a subscription channel only.

Sorry, but I'm not paying to watch shitty sitcoms and Great Khali vs. HHH every week on Smackdown.

lol @ Smackdown being aired on these ghetto ass networks.  The last channel it was on for me (UPN-9) was basically the television equivalent to going to a barbeque in Harlem. 

I can't even get that shit on free tv anymore!

Still get it. Still don't watch it.


Fuck it, though.

Not seeing or hearing Vickie Guerrero anymore will be nice.

I didn't get it before the switch.

Shortly after moving to Oregon my local channels on Direct TV dropped the channel it was airing on ( CW? ) and I went two years without ever seeing a single Smackdown show.

I watched last night and thought it was ok.

 I havent watch smackdown in years.

Wiggy - Still get it. Still don't watch it.

same here

Throw on some rabbit ears and you might pick it up.

I just saw a little poll on LOP and nearly 50% of the people who voted didn't get it, either, so I guess I'm not the only one.

It's funny cause I get both CT and NY channels for Smackdown. I watch the NY broadcast since for some reason that's in HD but the CT one isn't.

CryLikeAGirl - Throw on some rabbit ears and you might pick it up.

 It's not worth the trouble, IMO.

 all i get is 90210, which is kind of the same thing