Do you tell your kids to follow their dreams no matter what?

I raised my son in an era where parents told their kids to do whatever they wanted and no idea was wrong. These kids are adults now and it’s a mixed bag. My son didn’t like school but he was wise to learn a trade. He is making good money for his age and has an idea what he wants to do eventually and how to get there.

My daughter is a great student. She is in the 99th percentile. I’ve been talking to her about following her dreams but I’ve also been telling her that shit costs money. I’ve been telling her the benefits of living in a nice neighborhood, having money to eat healthy food and being able to go on vacation etc.

I’m not trying to tell her to only look at making a lot of money to be looked at being successful, just trying to let her know the reality of life.

Her mom was a good student but she is lacking in common sense. She was the valedictorian but she is a school teacher now. Nothing wrong with that but she’d be broke now if she didn’t have a rich dad.

I think it is sinking through. She is a saver and she has a little business, a fruit stand. She also sells fresh squeezed oj. She seems to know the value of a buck and has an idea of what’s going on in the world.

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I know one kid that followed his dream of becoming a real life ninja! He studied the art and his wife supports him and their kid. I have no idea if his ninja skills pay the bills now but I am going out on a limb and say no.

I tell my son to hook up with your daughter.

You just keep telling her to get rich and we won’t have any problems.


And she better not look like you!

my brother wanted to be in a rock band and was for many years

thankfully, my parents talked sensible compromise about him following his music passions BUT getting a degree/learning a trade related to music in case his famous band thing never happened

he ended up getting a degree in sound engineering and makes a nice living doing so while still being in music and working with many amazing musicians


I tell my kids this free ride won’t last forever and they better figure out what they want to do before I kick them out.

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You chase dreams that you can actually bring to fruition. And to do that, you have to be willing to sacrifice. Luxuries go out the window for years. You go without early on so you can have later.

And the real nifty part about it… there are tracks left in the dirt from those who have already succeeded. The wheel does not have to be reinvented.

That’s how I position it.


I tell my kids that they can and should chase their dreams if they have them, but that they should know the realistic risks and odds of attaining them, then decide if they are passionate enough about it to take the risks they are realistically aware of, and if they dont have dreams they are passionate about they should do something rational and productive I’m the meantime, like pursue a trade or stem degree. It’s a lot easier to decide to do something liberal artsy or artistic later than it is to decide to pursue bigger math and science after blowing it off.

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I’ll tell her to give your son a Nolan ryan head lock punch

Lucky my daughter is smart and understands delayed gratification

My kid is way too young for me to worry about this shit yet but I think the main things I’ll pass on are “Find a job you’re interested in and don’t be a retard with money”.

I go around asking kids what their dreams are. Then after they tell me, I tell them their dreams are stupid, and they’re stupid for having them.

I grew up following my dreams, and my dream is to shatter little kid’s dreams


Did you tell them there is No Santa?

Hey man, being a ninja isn’t about paying the bills! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to tell my wife & kids this…

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My brother married a chick with a kid. Kid was a typical teenage loser, just wanted to smoke pot and play Xbox all day. He EVENTUALLY graduated high school, and my brother gave him “the talk” - You either enroll in college, or you get a job and start paying rent.

A month later the kid moved out, and moved in with his father, who ALSO only wanted to smoke pot and play Xbox all day.

A month after THAT his wife move out and filed for divorce. “Thanks for raising my kid for me. I’m a lesbian now.”


No way man. I’m a dream crusher, not a monster


End thread.

My oldest of 4 (15 years old) is a talented artist and a passable singer. She wants to be either an anime artist or a voice artist for animated shows.

I told her that both of those careers are low probability and low pay (unless you’re the top 1%, like Tara Strong or Jennifer Hale or s/t), and while I won’t tell her not to do these things, she needs a serious back-up plan (or two) that’s realistic, within her realm of ability, and pays decently. She said being a nurse or psychologist is not a bad idea to her, and so I’m encouraging her to load up on science classes and get those done to prep for jobs like that while also pushing for her two interests in art and voice work, which I am 99.99% sure will flame out before she’s 18. Anime artists work like dogs and don’t make shit, and voice acting is like any other vocal career, the competition is merciless for a very small number of spots.

I tell to go in to a STEM field or a trade.

Did she really say something like that?