Do you think animals get bored?

I'm sat in the office looking at a pigeon in a tree. It's a dull miserable day and he's just sat there looking sad as fuck.

Do you think he's sat there thinking fuck my life I'm bored shitless? Phone Post

Now that's a scenario I believe. Imagine knowing that every living animal has the same social interactions as we do.

Come to think of it he looks like he's waiting for the pub to open. Phone Post

My dog certainly doesn't get bored, anytime he feels the boredom creeping upon him he simply finds something to destroy. Phone Post 3.0

My cat is bored as fuck right now; she spends most of her time outside but when the weather is shit she mopes around visibly bored. At the start she will follow people around the house shouting at them until someone plays with her; then when she gets bored of that she will chase herself around the house for a while playing commando and hiding behind shit pouncing on people; she then chills watching cheetahs on national geographic, before finally just passing out for 17 hours or so. Thankfully she is at the passing out stage at the moment.

Living the dream.

Yeah the dog is sat on the sofa right now looking suicidal Phone Post

Yeah they definitely do. My dog is a pain in the arse. She wants to be out all the time and if she's in the house for more than a couple of hours she just follows me around with a sad face sighing. Or staring at me from her bed sighing. As soon as her lead comes out she's jumping about like a crazy fucker happy as fuck that we're going out Phone Post 3.0

He's not there at the mo so there's a good chance he's jumped.

I wonder at what point in the animal Kingdom intelligent thought stops? I'm not sure how an animal that's walks around eating cigarette butt's has the mental capacity to feel bored? Phone Post