Do you think Mighty Mouse lost because

Years of training without having to worry about knees/kicks to a downed opponent contributed to the outcome?

I think he lost because they don’t weigh you. They just kinda say you are the same

Was that Robin Black commentating?

Yeah 100%. I was telling my friends that he can’t sit around and look for the edge because he might get kneed in the head as a way to explain the rules and how they’re different to UFC then 4-5 seconds later he was out. None of them understood how big of an upset it was necessarily but I was walking around like I needed a smoke.

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Kinda ironic after he was throwing shade at Sterling

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The knee had nothing to do with the clean uppercut that dropped him. Even if that knee didn’t land i think he was still in big trouble, possibly even down two rounds if he had survived.

Also that was his fourth fight in One, it’s not like he’s a fighter making his debut under a new rule set. He’s been there for two years now, and also a complete professional who is perfectly capable of adapting to different rules. Think he just got caught and had trouble with his opponents size.


He was getting outclass on the feet and on the ground. The knee was just the finishing touch. He was dropped before the knee with a strike.

He just got beat by a guy who fought better. I really enjoy seeing high level talent from organizations other than the UFC. There always have been plenty of great fighters outside of the ufc. Tons of casual fans tend to think if those 3 letters UFC aren’t next to your name, you’re somehow not legit. Guys like Morales prove this wrong and it’s awesome.


It’s possible that old training memory made him sit up in that position when he was rocked and dazed and not thinking clearly, but it was most likely because he was rocked and thought he could safely sit up.

Great fight from Moraes. He had it won the second that uppercut landed. Knee or not DJ was done


Morales stung him with the uppercut for sure. DJ is a professional and can adapt to a new rule set. For nearly a decade he trained knowing that is a safe position from that strike. Now it’s not in that split second.

I wonder if he had trained under that rule set for his career, if he would have ducked and rolled in to avoid the strike. I believe he would have likely been finished anyhow with follow up strikes.

I wonder if an interviewer will ask him if he expected that strike to come, or if he felt complacent in that position because of previous training and experience

I think it’s important to consider he was losing before the knee landed.

Franklin. Schiavello. And some other dude from Singapore or something.

I got all excited because I thought it was an illegal knee. but apparently it wasn’t. So I am sad.

DJ always all class

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Dude looks a legit foot taller than Mighty Mouse…shit


Mitch Chilson is American.

Wow, what a size difference

And no, DJ was badly hurt from a right hand prior to the knee. He would have likely been finished elsewise, even if that was unified rules.

Moraes looks a whole weight class up from MM. i thought they had some sort of 10% of your walking weight restriction. That dude is huge, looks like a welterweight