Do you think Mighty Mouse lost because

DJ has always had trouble with guys that were skilled, his run in the UFC was good because his comp wasn’t.

He lost because of the size difference. He could barely do anything coming in without being hit. Plus Moraes was very hard to hit.

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He got got yo.

the wire love this scene so much GIF

Size difference the last time MM got manhandled compared to last week

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Similar to CroCop grabbing wrists and getting elbowed in the face because they weren’t legal in pride, similar to Wand head butting Guy Mezger because it was legal in IVC, similar to Wand having to stop himself from soccer kicking Bisping’s head off when he dropped him, similar to Shogun almost stomping Liddell’s head in but stopping when he dropped him.


There was this fighting organization called Pride. It was awesome. It had a different ruleset that many fighters fought under before the pussified unified rules. When said fighters fought under pussified rules, they had many things already ingrained in them. The parallel here is MM fighting under less pussified rules and having bad habits because of such.

They didn’t allow elbows and the officiating and judging were suspicious at best. It’s not like the ruleset was perfect.

Wand suffered zero consequences grabbing the ropes and stomping Kondo. In the sanctioned ufc if you won a fight holding onto the cage you’d be dq’d on the spot or the win would be overturned.

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It wasn’t a safe position though. He could still get punched in the face. In boxing it’s a safe position, MMA not so much.