Do you think they can make Habib/Tony for NYE card

There is still time. Some people say, Khabib fights rarely, but in 2018 he fought three times kinda (assuming NYE fight vs Barbosa was the beginning of the year) and the last layoff was due to disqualification. The guy is healthy, looks to be in a peak form, no Ramadan on the horizon. Just put those two in a bubble wrap and make it happen, Dana!

This has to happen. Either on the New Year's Eve card, or no later than the Super Bowl weekend card.


I fucking hope so! I don't think I've ever felt as crushed from a fight being cancelled than their last fight that Tony pulled out of. It's sad to admit this but it actually made me feel a bit sick.

That fight would be huge if they can pull it off. Khabib has become a huge star whether he like it or not & Tony has also picked up & huge following especially since his comeback after his mental issues.

It'll be very disappointing if they can't make that fight by the end of the year. It's kinda turning into MMA's Mayweather/Pacqauio at this stage.

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