Do you think This Kind of Woman Looks Fat/Masculine?

Sexy but nasty protein farts

In the video it can be observed the regular majority-of-time, day-to-day, non-competition walking-around weight

do you think it looks FAT/Masculine or it’s an example of Matronly Shield-Maiden Beauty?

Too steroided

Just bang a dude…


Too much masculine energy.

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^I noted in the video that she and her man seemed to have a good sexual chemistry, she didn’t #metoo him for his physical flirtations or complain of “headaches”…I think she was even cooking in the kitchen too!

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Where the fuck are the caps? Did you forget which account your using?

Not fat whatsoever. But she doesnt really look human either. Could be an alien. A hideous alien.

Why someone would do this to themselves after seeing Cyborg is a mystery to me.

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it depends the subject and dialogue which will determine if necessary or NOT :grin:

I don’t like the Competition LEAN RIPPED look but the majority of time it seems she was WALKING-AROUND a Healthy Matronly HuskyFat shape which is the general condition of the WeightLifter

I agree with you in that respect In terms of her partnership… My comment on her masculinity related to her energy in the gym, the way she talks, etc. Unless there’s more to her than what I saw, I would say that her womanhood is a little too masculine for my taste. And that’s coming from someone who greatly appreciates athleticism, the pursuit of mastery through physical performance, etc.

The fact that she cares so much about a superficial physique-oriented competition tells me that she’s probably the type of person that might be a little too much into her self long-term. I’m also curious about her mental health, as there are numerous types of issues that can result from a bodybuilding lifestyle and a lack of focus in one’s mental health (e.g. body dysmorphia, etc.).

How many sandwiches did she make to get that build?

Buff chicks never want to acknowledge that they take steroids and they make them look manly

A few weeks of no training and a loose diet and she would look fine as fuck

The fake boobs help distract from the masculinity but yeah…

I ain’t bangin’ her