DO you think Trigg grew his hair

out because the producers of the Pride show on Fox thought it would look weird having two bald guys host the show?


First of all, Trigg didn't grow his hair out-it's a tupay.

Second, who gives a fuck?

That is all.

Trigg told me he's keeping the hair.

he looks like a crooked car salesman.

Who is the second bald guy (if Trigg remained bald)?

LOL at "Tupay".

Who is the second bald guy (if Trigg remained bald)?

Gay Jlazer

The producers asked him to grow it

he should shave the head and start fighting again!

bas was bald too

Mauro should shave his head..

'Trigg better not let it grow to shoulder length... or his hair will most likely RNC him.'


on wich head are you talking about?

Has everyone seen his nude pics?

They are both bald now. I can't speak for triggs genitals but I hear they are fantastic.

lol @ capn

this is why we brought you back!

hes not balding, keep it

Leave it to the Project to bring back those terrible images back into our memories.

I bet Mayhem's gonna do some funny $&it with the nude come into the ring wearing a nude Trigg shirt or something.

All joking aside about the pics, I am definitely looking forward to the fight because both of those guys are bad asses.