Do You Think......

That despite chucks obvious skills in the ring, he has won more of his fights on the grounds of intimidation alone...the psychological factor? (which in my opinion is just as crucial to the fight/fighter itself)

what im saying is that many people criticize chuck because of his "lack of technique" or "weird stances". Hell, I never drop my hands, but chuck does it all the time and knocks everyone the hell out. Its very unorthodox, but that might be what works for him not so much for his own gameplan, but to ruin and confuse the gameplan of others

smart imo....but i would like to see someone with technique who is smarter

I think that his intimidation factor is a big one. That and those rocks at the ends of his arms.

agreed. ive heard from a friend of a friend that they held pads for liddel and the pad slipped (i guess he wasnt paying attention), and chucks fist grazed his chin. He said it felt like a goddamned cinderblock hitting him in the face.

i think the reason people may generally have a hard time with chuck is they spend all this time (as well as myself) training to box the right way, and here chuck is the undisputed champ who throws fists like a blackoak hillbilly, and wins everytime.

i know it makes me mad, and i have been very critical of chuck. but i may feel otherwise now.....