Do you tip on "pick up" orders in restaurants now?

Pick up or take out now is more common because of Covid. With that restaurants also are not doing as much dine in seating so now people are saying you should tip on Pick Up/Take out.

Personally I think this is BS but maybe I'm wrong and just have not adapted to the times. I worked in the restuarant industry and I know 95% of the time the kitchen staff are seeing non of the tip. Since its Pickup/Take out the wait staff ain't doing shit for me besides picking up the phone. What say you?


I been seeing this pic going around to tell the masses to tip on takeout.

Not normally unless its the cute chick at my local kabob place. I swear that unibrow is gonna rub against my gunt someday. Granted I rarely do pick up orders.

I always have, but with COVID shit going on I was blessed to never miss a day of work. With that I tip 20% just to try to help out. 


I do. Depending on the restaurant. A small family owned one I do for sure. 

I also have at places that employ teens and young people. Mostly because I have kids around their age and feel empathy for them. 

Yes, been tipping but not as much as if I was to eating there.  From 10-15% instead of 18%-20%.  Servers still need to pack up every single item and it'll suck to work all day with no tips.

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It would be nice for the employees.

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Depends on the place

before covid...almost never.  since covid a  bit...but noticing some of my regular places raising prices due to no tip when I see that.

I always have. I worked minimum wage jobs for years when I was younger and I appreciate the amount of work and hustle at a lot of the places. I don’t mind a little tip for appreciation to the places I frequent.

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Fuck all that. 

If its some family owned local spot I cherish ill def do it, but fuck doing that all the time 

Those tip percentages are way too high. 

that being said, part of tip money goes to the cooks and dish pigs so they still need a little love.

A $1 at most. Why would you  for not receiving the normal service of being waited on?

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A lot of the places I go these day are splitting all tips with the cooks or you're directly interacting with the owner.

I've talked with more than a few owners at these places and I've supported them during the tough times they've seen.  Like any good business owner they remember me and treat me well.

It just comes down to building relationships.  I only eat at small business restaurants now when I'm not cooking for myself.  Keep in mind, I'm an OTR truck driver.  I've got spots coast to coast.

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If you're gonna tip for that why not tip at McDonald's as well? No difference.


Wtf are you tipping for if you have to drive to the location, get off and pick up your food yourself ...makes no sense 

Bilge Water -

If you're gonna tip for that why not tip at McDonald's as well? No difference.


Not usually. I feel like I am simply purchasing the food.

Nooo, no tipping on takeout. Is this even a real question?

What’s the point of takeout if you’re expected to tip 20%? Just have it delivered then.