Do you tip on "pick up" orders in restaurants now?

Yes, of course. At least something. What kind of cheap ass faggot doesn't. 


lmao not a chance

I just ordered pizza and picked up. Tipped $5 on a $57 order. Not sure how to feel about it.

No. Hell no. And shame on you all for trying to make this a thing.  This tipping culture really needs to go away. 


I Tip 8 to 10 percent or at least 1 dollar

If they bring the food to my car I’ll give 2-5. If it’s the 5’4" 160lb tiny waist hot chick at applebees I’ll certainly tip.

Cute face, big perky tits, small waist, big toned ass and nice thick thighs. I ordered like 6 times just for her.


I have been tipping. I know I am a fool. 

I tip everyone right now. I used to not, but i know anyone who has a tip jar needs a few bucks more than i do

Yes, especially during covid chyna times.  I can afford a couple extra bucks for another hard working american man/woman that is helping me. 

Usually no but I have been since covid. I don't when I notice my regular places raise their prices. 

Never, but since Covid I have tipped 15 percent a couple times.

xNate -

A lot of the places I go these day are splitting all tips with the cooks or you're directly interacting with the owner.

I've talked with more than a few owners at these places and I've supported them during the tough times they've seen.  Like any good business owner they remember me and treat me well.

It just comes down to building relationships.  I only eat at small business restaurants now when I'm not cooking for myself.  Keep in mind, I'm an OTR truck driver.  I've got spots coast to coast.

You should do an AMA thread if you haven't already fren. 

I've always tipped on takeout 10-15%. Since covid it's 15% minimum. 


But, I get my takeout from locally owned eateries, mostly family run where everyone who works there is related. I know the tip gets split with everyone. 


And you know what else happens? When I call in my order it goes to the front of the line, my portions are bigger, I get free extras and good conversion. 


So yeah, keep being a tightwad asshole who doesn’t tip. Makes the people like us look even better.

I very rarely did before covid. Doesn’t make sense to tip on no service being provided when you’re just paying for the food.

Now with covid, the same mentality applies

lmao, fuck no you tip cucks


BruteDion -


I been seeing this pic going around to tell the masses to tip on takeout.

Fuck that. I tip solely based on my experience with the server. If they are shit they get shit or nothing, if they are great they get tipped great.

And no, If I order take out, I'm not tipping.

Funny thing is, my firend told me yesterday a lot of restaurants he frequents have set a minimal tip of 20% as default with no option for no tip, and no option for a custom amount. Sorry, you are not bullying me into an arbitray number.

Hire good servers and they will see their worth returned in tips.

I guess I should have said that if its a mom-pop shop then a tip on take out makes sense. The cook most likely is family/the waitress is most likely family. So everyone gets a cut of the tip.

Bigger corp places I will bet you the Cook is seeing zero of the tip.

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