Do you use bag gloves?

Just curious, but i see an increasing number of people using regular sparring/boxing gloves for bag work.

I did when I first started but only because I thought you needed to.

these days I just used normal 14 oz. I've got old 16oz sparring gloves that I use also.

I don't see the point in bag gloves. I think it's just an old school thing, you would have cheap thin gloves partly to protect your hands but mainly to protect the leather on your sparring/fight gloves.

That's my guess anyway. Phone Post

Just read that last bit back, total gibberish.

What I'm trying to say is that back in the day maybe they had a little pair of padded gloves to hit the bag with so they didn't damage their best sparring/fighting pair. Phone Post

Hmm, i dunno. Looking at pics even of champions like Ali and Marciano they used bag gloves, and i doubt they were thinking of saving pennies on new boxing gloves. For modern times, looking at the build up for the Mayweather fight both fighters were using full sized gloves for bag work.

Yeah, I suppose. The main reason I stopped wearing them is because it was hurting my hand on a certain bag.

Tell you who always wear bag gloves, Thai boxers. Phone Post

I heard bag gloves help develop fast-twitch--I think Anber said that. Phone Post

Padded Everlast bag gloves, no wraps.