Do You Use VINE? If So, Why??

I'm trying to understand the value of the platform Vine. It's like Twitter with 6 second videos. How is this more beneficial than using YouTube?

When I scroll through the Editor's picks, I see a lot of creative videos that are basically great animated GIFs. I assume that if you're creative, a lot of people will follow you and watch your videos; but for the average user, how is the platform beneficial?

Valid question Phone Post 3.0

I don't use it but it seems like everyone is. THe kids are nuts about it.

What's funny is that for years, people bitched that their phones could only take 6 seconds of video.

Now you can record as long as you want, but people are going batshit about being able to post vids the same length as those they bitched about.

I'm on it and I probably won't be making to many videos on it, but some of the videos I've seen have been pretty funny and creative.

From what I gather, its a bunch of "Cool Gifs." But ultimately, the masses of people wont be able to capture their creativity in 6 seconds.

So you will have a massive amount of people following the few that can deliver such content. It's blowing up all over FB and IG right now.

i use it and yep, i make some really dumb videos

but im on the android so i cant really follow anyone yet unless they find me somehow, i can only send invites thru text,email,twitter.