Do you use your hand or front kick to flush Urinals/public toilets

Always some sort of front kick

The grossest are those sloppy dude, grunting, moaning while holding down the flusher the entire time while they piss

Most have sensors to flush now but if they don’t I flush the stalls with my shoe and just leave it if its a urinal.

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Do you use the hand drying blowers to dry your hands? They are filled with shit. Lol

I’ll use my hands if not a sensor, but I also wash my hands after

Neither, I let the next person deal with it.

Hell no!

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I use my hand and then wash them afterwards like an adult.

Rear paw

Teep, always.

Even at the unrinal.

And the trick is, you keep your cock out while doing it. It establishes dominance over those next to you.


And even flings little pee droplets on to them to further emphasize your dominance and let any other potential teep artists that this is your territory.

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