Do you wear deodorant? Everyday? What kind?

Change deodorant. I dont want smell the same as a gay phillyer.

After you switch, then shut up.

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No, Sir.

If it did, I wouldn’t wear it.

The smell of patchouli is the only smell that makes me want to get physically violent.

I hate that smell and all of the stinky people that wear it.


I knew I liked you uncletomdoug.


Mitchum ice whatever the fuck every day, twice a day

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I was honestly surprised at how well their deodorant works. It stung like a motherfucker the first few times I sprayed it on, but that went away quickly.

I may have to give their toothpaste a try. Thanks for the heads up!

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No, it is a stick. I love it.

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Some of you bros go through approx 80 sticks to my 1. I’m not even a hippy in any way. I dont know wtf is wrong with me.

deodorant, yes… pants, no


When I was younger I decided I wouldn’t wear anything but shorts for a year. I went to a wedding in a tie and shorts.

Legit belly laugh!

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Yep every day and cologne that matches. A little faggoty I know but it’s a holdover from when I was still in practice. People have no faith in a Doc that smells bad!


Yet in a 2 barber town, everyone except one guy goes to the barber with the best haircut.

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I rarely wear it but i live in a cold climate and home lots. I’ll wear deodorant if it’s hot and I’m away from home for an extended period of time or if I have a meeting with important people or if I’m doing something really active and not going to have access to shower right after. So not that often. I go to the gym regularly but always just shower right after so don’t bother with deodorant.

And i use a natural one.

Anyone that doesnt wear deodorant or anti-perspirant on a regular basis is a degenerate animal.


I put on deodorant any time I’m getting dressed to go outside the house. But if I’m just at home, I don’t put anything on