Doc for Cauliflower Ear in MTL?

A friend of mine has developed rather prominent cauliflower ear and his wife is less than thrilled with it. Can anyone recommend a doctor in Montreal skilled at dealing with this? Last time, my friend went to emergency to have it drained and was butchered.

Pretty much every seasonned doctor can deal with it. I've went to jewish hospital to get it drained first time I had some and it has been a charm.

It's a badge of honour.

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Thanks Marauder. As I said, though, he got butchered at the last hospital ER, so he's hoping someone can recommend a specific doc with experience dealing with wrestlers.

rene, ask Thierry Quenneville how good Dr. Mark fixes ears! After watchinh enough ER and TLC...I can do open heart surgery now!


He might want to try the sports clinic over by the Lakeshore Hospital. (I think it is in Stillview). I would imagine that they would be able to take care of it no problem.

The place at Stillview is a no go,at least when I was there a few years ago, I can find out for you in a few hours when my bro gets home.


*Dejected that Mark didn't take the bait*  :(


Colangelo - You can seriously fix ears?

Maecom - Statcare has declined in the past.

DowntownMB - Thanks, please let me know.

JHR - Since when have you needed someone to actually *take* the bait?? ;)

I can't do plastic surgery but I can drain an problem!

you've been snobbed!

Hey Rene, is it Antony? I'll do it for five bucks!


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Better call

The Jewish General is supposed to be very good and apparently the place on Stillview has learned how to do it but not all the docs are that good at it.

I was also told by my bro that you should keep pressure on it for the following 24 hours by wearing a headband or something of the like.

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