Doc Hamilton to Dalby Shirley...

You knew soon as they said it was a split decision theat Josh won. Doc Hamilton knows his MMA and scored it for Tait. When they said Dalby Shirley, you knew that Josh won. If Cecil Peoples had have been the third judge Tait would have got the nod.

When will the Nevada State judges ever get trained for MMA. Look at the judge that gave Koscheck every round against Diego. The judge that scored 30-27 for Ortiz over Griffin or how about 30-27 for Hughes over Charuto.

I know the judges are appointed by the NSAC,but can't the UFC work with the NSAC to train their MMB or should I say boxing judges. If not, there should be separate judges for boxing and MMA.

maybe cecil wouldn't have scored it for Tait, but I'm sure he would have scored it one round a piece. There's no way Haynes won the second round.

nelson hamilton and jeff mullen

best judges imho

Dalby Shirley's MMA judging criteria. Whoever is on top for most of the fight wins. It doesn't matter if Charuto had Hughes in the triangle for half the round, Hughes was still on top. It doesn't matter if Tatt almost finished Haynes in his triangle at the end of the 2nd, Haynes was on top.

Is Dalby Shirley worse than Glenn Trowbridge?

Not sure that's possible.

waveman, I've been wondering that for awhile now. Remember the one judge giving Koscheck every round against Diego. Koscheck was on top more although he got beat up pretty good.

The guy sucks as a boxing judge and has no business judging mma. Get rid of the geezer