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Courtesey of Doc Rivers

"San Antonio is at it again. They start out slow and everyone second-guesses the team. Then, Gregg Popovich gets that team in shape and they make a run. The last time they made a run like this, the Spurs won the NBA Championship in 1999.

The Lakers are for real ? but so is San Antonio, Minnesota, Dallas and Sacramento. And no one is talking about Sacramento. We forget last year, Chris Webber didn't play in the playoffs.

A good sign in Indiana is that they are 21-10 and not happy. Most people would view that as bad. I view that as great. For them, 21-10 is not good enough and Rick Carlisle understands that.

The best story in the NBA is the Denver Nuggets, their coach Jeff Bzdelik and rookie Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo is one of the best rookies we've seen but never talked about because of the greatness of LeBron James. I think Carmelo has winner written all over him.

There's a difference between being a great player and a winner. I think Carmelo Anthony will be a winner someday.

Everyone is talking about scoring, scoring, scoring. Do we all have amnesia? All they talked about 20 or 30 years ago was how no one played defense. It's not about how many points teams score. It's about effort. It's about how hard you play. If scoring is down and effort is up, I'll take effort and being in the competition of a close game. I don't care if it's 31-30, I'll take the effort over scoring all day."

good post, Doc knows his shit

That's some good stuff.

i wouldnt mind him becoming knicks coach WHEN don chaney gets fired