Doc tooled on the NEWS

Check out the following link where Doc is getting tooled by our own Green Belt, Brandon.  There is nothing Doc can do now to redeem himself - the Triad is witness to him getting OWNED.

 (be sure to watch the whole video - esp near the end)

Ahahahahahahaha. I love it.

Wow. Way to go brandon!

Maaannn, I'm about to tool Doc right now. I hate his class and his stupid freakin paper. Because really, I don't have better things to do with my time than spend 6 1/2 hours straight in the library (that's just today, there will be more to come) and write a 20 page paper.

Doc's class sucks. That is all.

Hurry up, somebody call the WAAMMMbulance.

Save it.

Damn - Doc has some haters jumpin' on the UG.  I would recommend writing a paper on BJJ diet (based on Doc's new routine).  It consists on Ho-Hoes for breakf. / lunch / dinner.  This way he can go up to HeavyWeight.  Big drawback is outgrowing all your gis & rashguards.  Guaranteed to make an A.