🇨🇦 Doc's speak about Vaccine

This is not an anti Vax video and it is definitely worth the 38mins of your life.

Watch “MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021” on YouTube


Do you feel you’ve been censored… or your colleagues have?

Is there a divide on covid or the vaccine in the medical community? How are you all dealing with different opinions

There was a video posted earlier that had Bret Weinstein and a coupe other folks that is scary as shit. The data coming from Japan is concerning at the very least.

To be clear: I know this video. It shouldn’t have been removed.

I myself have never been censored, nor any of my immediate colleagues. And I’ve gone against main stream narratives quite a few times.

I do think that some material should be removed. There are quite a bit a few mentally ill docs who say things that may unequivocally endanger the health of patients. This isn’t a democracy. We have a responsibility and that is overseen by our governing body.

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most of those being censored are ones speaking up on the dissent side. So if you havent been vocal about being against any part of the narrative, you might never know how bad the censorship is.

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I would like to know where the open debates are and why we haven’t seen two recognized Docs from both sides of the fence talk openly about the treatment options.

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Depends where.

Quebec must be one of the most mismanaged province for COVID, yet the biggest newspaper allowed doctors to author articles that questioned lockdowns, masks, treatments, and policy.

I’m ok with all that. I wouldn’t be ok with a doctor saying that SARS-COV-2 isn’t a virus or that 5G nanobots are being injected.

There are tons of debates. For example, on journals that publish the original papers. Letters to the editors, correspondence.

Live debates would be nice, but I’m not sure the general public would understand most of it. I mean you can’t address many medical things without bringing terms like incidence, prevalence, PPV, NPV, p-value, relative risk.

Then the terminology should be dumbed down for the masses. I believe misunderstanding is the biggest issue about the vaccine right now due to all the conflicting information out there.

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This one?

This one is frightening, too.

I don’t disagree with you. But look, I’m a physician myself, and I don’t quite understand much about hematological cancers. When I hear 2 world-class hematologists arguing, I simply don’t follow the arguments because my knowledge isn’t high enough.

Same for my colleagues. If I have an argument on ICU stuff, my GP colleagues have no clue what I’m talking about. A proper debate requires a minimum of medical understanding.

Imagine 2 physicists debating relativity. How do you expect them to make this accessible enough for someone like me to understand what they’re saying.

Just saying that it isn’t as easy as it seems.

Like religion, healthcare should be seperate from state. What was done last yr and is still somewhat going on is a crime against humanity.

I totally understand and I’m not saying the task would be easy. However, if the need is so great for everyone to get the vaccine, then I feel the need for the public to understand what they are putting into their bodies is just as great. If you had a patient who had hematological issues, you would reference them to a specialist, that specialist could lay out all the info they had for the patient, but if that patient wants a second opinion, you would need refer another specialist. I think a good portion of the world wants a second opinion on the vaccine but unfortunately there are many factions trying to silence this.

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I agree with you.

I do have patients who come to see me and want a detailed and scientific discussion on their disease. It’s my job to present the data in a way that is comprehensible to them. But even if I do that for 1 hour, i’m just going over very broad strokes of something that took me 10 years to master.