Doctor Claims CHEMICALS are Causing Genderlessness

Dr. Shanna Swan claims that more kids are being born genderless due to Endocrine-Disrupting chemicals. She didn’t start off a believer, but after researching, she found sperm count had dropped 50 percent in 50 years (from research done in the 90s).

She also talks about scientists that discovered links between Pthalates and plastics and how they affect gender dysphoria. There was another study that showed Glyphosphate causes homosexuality in frogs.

She also goes into future population collapse. This is a long but good video…


Alex Jones told us about the gay frogs over a decade ago and he was absolutely correct.

The other side is the cunt moms who would light their kids on fire for 300 likes on social media.


And RFK just went in on the JRE… granted he didnt say they made em gay, just that it was causing sex changes in frogs.


do they grow little frog penises or something?

I am confident that chemicals are causing a lot of the gay tranny hermaphrodite insanity.


There’s a book that’s somewhat related to this that I bought years ago, but have yet to read. It’s called The Case Against Fragrance. The book is about how fragrances are unregulated and manufacturers don’t have to say what’s in them, but fragrances are linked to things like hormones disruption, asthma, cancers, etc.

Not exactly the same, but after hearing a talk on the book at the time, I decided to buy it. But like I said, I haven’t read it yet.

Wow, I just checked and I bought the book over five years ago. I really need to get around to it


Never really thought about how much we hack pheromones and hormones and such with smells. Makes me think of the way Disney pumps vanilla into the air at their parks in order to make people feel nostalgic. It’s no different than brain washing in a way.

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When my powerball kicks in I’m going to waste at least a million bucks erecting a huge monument to Alex Jones being right after all.


Lol you said erect

Kennedy Jr. said atrazine was “throughout our water supply,” before claiming that if put in a tank with frogs, "it will chemically castrate and forcibly feminize every frog in there and 10 percent of the frogs—the male frogs—will turn into fully viable females able to produce viable eggs.

“If it’s doing that to frogs, there’s a lot of other avenues that it’s doing it to humans beings as well,” he speculated.

While this was confirmed by 2010 study at the University of California, Berkeley, which said that exposure was highly correlated with “low sperm count, poor semen quality, and impaired fertility” in humans, it noted that the chemical was “most potent in amphibians” as frog skin “absorbs atrazine at a much higher rate than the skin of mammals.”

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Yeah, or how gay bars smear shit under stools and tables so the fags get all worked up, lol, i’m sure i read that on here at some point.

Shit man I spray more glyphosate than farmers. I guess I’m a gay frog now.

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