Tim's forearm is indeed fractured. Good job ref...


at first i was like rookie ref, then after seeing the replay i was like good job ref.

Tim's probably glad they stopped the fight now.

Unlike Silvia, X-rays don't lie.

Ive been to 5 UFC's already and from a Audience perspective you will never get it as good as TV. Ive sat front row even and people could only see two guys holding each other on the ground. But what do you expect from the fans booing when you got those judges giving up some bullshit decisions all night.

Great stoppage by Herb Dean

I knew Herb had to have seen something, Herb is a great guy, he would NOT stop a fight EVER for NO reason!!!

Totally good call!!!

*gives Herb a hug*


man his arm was snapped nasty, if it wasnt broken hed have started shadow boxing or telling people to grab his arm and check

Herb Dean done a fantastic job. He had his eyes on the very part of the arm that was pressured. He knew exactly what happened............

He was probaly thinking I only need one arm to knock him out.The pain is probably starting to kick in about now.

Sorry, I still think it was a bad job by the ref. Why did they let Crunkilton's arm get bent every damn way but the one God intended?

HE DIDN'T TAP! End of story.

but 10 more seconds his whole f'n arm would have come off (sarcastic) but it would have not been good for syliva if they didnt stop it.

i guess the dreadhead named herb wasnt on herb after all

"one word...



"Why did they let Richs arm get bent in every way"

I guess that decision by the ref makes it right
...... It almost ended Richs career ......

"HE DIDN'T TAP! End of story."

No, the ref stopped the fight because Tim was too amped or stupid to tap. THAT is the end of the story.

sounds like another case of Bohlander vs Jackson

Good stop, Tim will be able to use his arm in his next was only
a fracture. If he would have allowed that arm bar to continue we may
have seen bones come through and Tim would be done for a very long

braswell, i can't believe you think they should continue the fight with a broken arm.

If a guy on a soccer pitch breaks his arm after all the substitutions have been made does he carry on? No.