Docu Series on Coach psychology

As before, I’ve been away for a hot minute, but still moving things forward. This is a baby project I’ve been cooking since my “New York Mixed Martial Arts” premiere days and even when detouring to fashion film blah blah

There’s so much more to be done with this project, but the process is moving. COACHES’CORNER is in development, with these stories being categorized per episode. Still collecting, still traveling and looking to film the most dynamic as well as the best Fight Sport thinkers in the field! But, for now this is a teaser look from one of the greatest veterans, LUIS AZEREDO

Lemme know what y’all think!


This stuff is super dope. You have more?

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Oh most definitely. I have years of footage from back when I was shooting for Strikeforce and M-1 Global. Shoot, check out my channel and website here

Thanks for sharing

Infinite wishes


Cool stuff. For those who don’t know, Luiz has a win over Anderson Silva.