Documentary on Icelandic Wresting (1932)



 this looks like a lars von trier movie

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it looks like a wedgie fight

jason73 - it looks like a wedgie fight
i guess they wear special garters or girdles for grabbing...from wikipedia:

...Each of the two wrestlers wears a special belt around the waist and separate, additional belts on the lower thighs of each leg, which connect to the main belt with vertical straps. A fixed grip is then taken with one hand in the belt and the other in the trousers at thigh height...



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lol at throwing guys on a wooden basketball court


This sport used to be the real deal but then they brought in some gay uniforms and dumb belts to hold so now its a fucking joke and kids that do it will most likely be bullied in school.

It was featured on Rallarsving (Swedish martial arts show). It's pretty much like judo, but you grip the belt area, and there's no submissions.

Throws on a hradwood floor?


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 I met a Glima coach a few years ago. Ex cop. Seems pretty cool.