DoD to covertly monitor service members online posts for "extremism"

Holeeeee Shit.

They don’t make military leaders like Chesty anymore

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After relieving the Space Force commander for speaking against Marxism… :rage:

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Technically speaking soldiers are govt. employees. If they are posting extremist shit on govt time and on govt property. No one should have a problem with this. You going to get your panties in a bunch if a privately owned company is monitoring their employees internet history while on company time?

If you dont want your employer snooping around your social media comments. Then there are two easy options. Dont make stupid comments on your social media or simply delete your ​profile and you will have nothing to worry about.

“I think people should be judged by their character and not their skin color” = extreme far right neonazi white supremacist domestic terrorist.

“Black people should not be expected to get the right answer in math. Logical thinking is a white trait.” = good guy progressive anti-racist.

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This could be a good thing if “extreme views” hadn’t already become a dog whistle for anything right of Bill Clinton, politically. Where’s the line? Is wearing a MAGA hat extreme views? How about pointing out the extreme socialist ideology of BLM? Is it extreme views to say all lives matter? Is it extreme views to say boys can’t get pregnant? All of these “extreme views” have cost people to lose their jobs in some cases. I’ll need to know the line before I support the further intrusion by our government agencies.

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So let me guess. An extremist is someone who doesn’t support marxism and refuses to support CRT?

Me two years ago - I wonder what the average German citizen felt as the Nazi party took over their country.

Me now- Ok I 100% understand now.

Everyone else as you say that - What a fucking tard…