Dodger fans, mind if I join you??

Just for the weekend, anyways :)

Let's go hang a couple of "L's" on the Giants, what do you say??

Here we go, time to finish off a COMEBACK WIN!!!

Bases loaded and one out, 3-2 Giants. Single wins it, Werth!!

takes bite off a Dodger Dog

Weak single ties it, still one out for Finley.


Grand fuckin salami, i'm shittin myself right now, that was insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was always a Finley fan, from his old Astros days.

Oddly, I like him more right now than I even did then :)

Okay, I'm off your bandwagon for now guys. Back to the Astros game, lol. I'll let you know tomorrow if I need any more help, haha.

I was a little skechy on pickin up Finley but it all worked out in the end.

Thanks for the support, even though it was short lived! ;)

That was the only pickup they made at the deadline that I thought wasn't a bonehead maneuver. I still think they'll regret trading Mota by year's end, if they don't already. Especially with Penny, who they got, being hurt.

Agreed, getting rid of Mota and LoDuca still pisses me off. We wouldn't have cut things nearly this close with both of them still there. Finley was iffy because he's no spring chicken, but he's been awesome.

I'm really curious to see how Gagne picks up his game in the post-season as he has been mediocre at best the last month or so.

I may be a semi-Dodger fan for life after today, regardless of what the score in their game ends up being.

After posting the Astros win as a final score on the out-of-town board, between innings they played "All my exes live in Texas" on the PA, lol, just to RUB IT IN A LITTLE!!!!!

Great move, IMO.

I'm so pissed off I missed today's game after reading your post, eddie. Even though we got our salads tossed today, that woulda been funny as shit to see. I did see an interview after the game with Bonds and he was his usual dickhead self. In a sense it's not hard to understand where he's comin from but why not give credit where it's due instead of actin like a fuckin crybaby?

Props to the astros for makin that crazy end of season run to take the wildcard spot, but we're gonna whip your asses once we're done with st. louis :) I love the underdog stories and would love to see us against the astros.